Panel Discussion on the Political Parties Act

Access to Information — Public Debate

Malawi — May 31, 2024 @ 6:00pm - 7:30pm GMT+02:00


Host Organization and Partners — Malawi OGP Secretariat


Join us for a pivotal panel discussion on the implementation of the Malawi Political Parties Act, marking the conclusion of Open Governance Week organized by the OGP Secretariat in Malawi. This week highlighted our commitment to transparency, accountability, and participatory governance as we prepare for the 2025 elections.

Reflecting on the Act’s progress and challenges, this discussion will explore its role in enhancing political party integrity in Malawi. This discussion will delve into key areas such as the functions of the Registrar, political party funding, access to information, and overall compliance with the Act. We will explore the successes achieved so far, the obstacles encountered, and the strategies for moving forward. The goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the Political Parties Act and to generate actionable insights that will guide us as we prepare for the upcoming elections.

Your participation and engagement are crucial as we work together to uphold the principles of democracy and good governance in Malawi.

Our esteemed panel includes:

The Registrar of Political Parties, overseeing party registration and regulation.
The Executive Director of the Malawi Human Rights Commission, addressing human rights implications.
The Director of Legal Services in the Office of the President and Cabinet, providing legal perspectives on implementation and enforcement.
The Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation, representing civil society’s viewpoint on the Act.
Tune in to watch this event broadcast live on Zodiak TV and Radio.

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