Open discussions on new genetic editing regulations for “climate change solutions”. And recent NEPA Act changes that will foster biotechnology without environmental impact statements

Anti-Corruption, Civic Space, Climate and Environment, Media Freedom, Public Participation — Public Meeting

Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Norway, United States — April 30, 2024 @ 9:00am - 11:30am GMT-08:00

On-line learning.

Host Organization and Partners — BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE,


Open discussion about NEW Biotechnology regulations from USDA/APHIS and how the “exempted” experiments will be used in Plants and animals through patents and lease agreements in the public lands in the name of “restoration” and addressing “climate change.” additionally, The recent changes in the NEPA Act will foster these actions without an environmental impact statement and with no public oversight! come join me and ask all the questions you like.

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