Systems strengthening, shifting of local power dynamics and women’s empowerment: New evidence on the impact of social accountability in Indonesia


Wahana Visi (WV) partnered closely with the Indonesian Government in the program, which ran from 2013 to 2018. It applied the ‘Citizen Voice and Action’ (CVA) approach, involving a series of citizen-state engagement processes to enable villagers and local health staff to assess health services against standards, to develop plans for service improvement, and to advocate for those improvements with higher levels of government. Pregnant women and young mothers started going to public health posts, where they were receiving better treatment than previously.
The evaluation found some “impressive”, statistically significant results in improved services and awareness of services by community members and health staff, including:
“Increased awareness of rights and standards on the part of service managers and officials triggered internal accountability systems, such that resources were reallocated and staff were both enabled to, and held accountable for, provision of services to meet standards. However, it was not just managers and officials who became more active as leaders: so too were political leaders and community leaders. They were motivated to improve service quality, but also health promotion and use of health services.”
In this webinar, Prof. Gill Westhorp, the evaluation’s team leader, Andreas Sihotang, former project manager, and Elvi Adelina Tambunan, Wahana Visi Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, will share the main findings from the evaluation, as well as a brief overview of the evaluation’s design and approach.

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