Public Debate conducted by Deaf Participants

Guaranteeing Inclusion — Public Debate

Sri Lanka — March 16, 2019 @ 9:00am - 3:00pm GMT+05:30

Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf - 480, Negombo Road, Dandugama, Ja-Ela

Partner — Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf


Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf will conduct a Public debate under the themes for Open Government Week 2019 – Gender and Inclusion. Two debates will be held under the following themes – 1. Ensuring gender equality – To be Conducted by the Deaf Resource Pool
2. Transforming education – To be Conducted by the Deaf Youth Association

The two debates will be conducted as a competition and two teams for each debate will be formed and there will be two Evaluation Panels to evaluate the Debates with three evaluators and a sign language interpreter. There will be 6 teams consisting of three deaf participants each.

The Debates will be Live on Facebook and the general public will also be able to participate by giving online inputs to the debates live.

You can view each debate through the following links –

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